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Trivia Answer from February May 4, 2012 12:00 AM | Tagged as answers, measure for measure, Much Ado About Nothing, trivia
Unfinished Business about Much Ado


It is May and our "Play of the Month" for May is Measure for Measure...however, before we get to that, I was recently reminded that I never answered the trivia question I asked in the post dated Feb. 1, 2012, when I asked the question:   Is Beatrice, (who is Hero’s cousin), and Antonio, (Hero’s uncle), father and daughter?
The answer is “no”, and there are a few examples explaining this but I will cite just one. The main one is that near the end of the play, Antonio suggests giving his daughter to Claudio to wed in place of the dead Hero as a way to make amends for “killing” Hero, and Claudio agrees. Then at the wedding the next day when Claudio believes he is marrying the cousin of Hero, Beatrice is in the wedding party and is defiantly NOT the bride.

I am sorry I didn’t explain this sooner and I appreciate the follower of my blog that pointed this out. All I can say is that is my excitement to get in as much info on the play during the month of February, I forgot entirely that I had asked the question! Thanks again for catching it reader!

I will begin the Measure for Measure posts starting tomorrow (May 5), so check back then!